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Fruitful Investment Group LLC is a real estate investing firm, based in Atlanta, GA and designed to target the desires of homeowners, sellers, buyers, and investors all throughout the country.

We focus mainly on wholesaling and rehabbing properties. Through our tried and true systems, expansive knowledge of the business, tremendous resources, we can support homeowners, sellers, buyers, and investors.

We deeply believe in top-quality work and out-and-out integrity. Each piece of property is treated as if it was our very first. We have a high-level and competent team to ensure all of our customer’s needs are met and satisfied.

Mission Statement

We, here at Fruit Investment Group LLC (FIG) will mix 100% laser-focused effort and selfless motives to acquire the best outcome for every single customer. We believe in doing what is right, no matter the outcome. Integrity, integrity, integrity. With this foundation in play, FIG will stand amongst the most
reputable and trustworthy real estate companies in the world.

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